In order to get to where we want to go, sometimes we must look back at what once happened and see where we could improve moving forward. Maybe you have a deadline at work and suddenly you get this horrible trigger that you will miss it. Allowing yourself the time and space to reflect, see what occurred in the past and explore, that gives us greater understanding of who we are in the present moment.

Reflection is a conscious decision by us of reviewing, analyzing and evaluating experiences, that we perceived happened to us in the past and learning from this in order to live our present life to the fullest capacity.

Reflection is done by most of us every day, we all tend to look back at things in our life and try to remember what happened but then we stop there. We take that action no further. By taking that extra leap of faith and seeing how past occurrences are something we can learn from, to strive for better days, is an extremely powerful technique and one that can help in every aspect of our lives.

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