Do you ever stop, take a moment and say, “I wish I were how I used to be?” or “I loved my life back then?” If you do, you are not alone. Lots of us tend to live in the past or even wish we could go back to the past as we see this picture with rose tinted glasses that the world was a better place.

Mindfulness is the process in which we live our lives in the present moment, focusing on the here and now and living our life to its greatest capacity. Living in an authentic way, a truthful way striving for greatness whatever that may mean for you.

In order to do this effectively we can put the past behind us, enjoy today and not concern ourselves and stress over what could or could not occur in the future. Being mindful of yourself and the environment that you surround yourself in gives you the opportunity to have the strength to access your own emotions and understand why you behave in certain ways.

Once you have a greater understanding of it, mindfulness does not become a chore, a burden or something else you must do in the day. It is a new way of looking at life in general and allows us to gain greater opportunities in the future. Can you ever perfect this skill? For me, personally, I do not believe so as your mindfulness will grow with your own personal progression.

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