Hello, I’m Alex.

Being coached myself since mid-2016, I have experienced the incredible benefits coaching can provide. Suffering from anxiety and self-limiting beliefs I was truly stuck in quite a dark place for a long time. Only a couple of years ago I sadly lost my best mate and my hero: my father, as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The world for a long time did not look like a light and happy place, but a very bleak, dark and miserable place where I could no longer see future goals and brighter days.

I struggled and battled with myself every day as I began to feel as though I could offer nothing to this world and quite frankly had no purpose being here. I felt very lost, alone and afraid. There was no job I could settle in, I no longer felt as though I fitted in with any social crowd and no longer felt I brought anything to anyone.

That was when I found my coach. The whole experience of being coached quite frankly changed my life. Not only did it allow me to get past those dark, sad moments, it allowed me an opportunity to find a passion and love for the coaching process itself. It allowed me to open and see myself and the world in a way I had not looked at for quite some time. I slowly began to see a future; I began to see my purpose. What I had to give was utterly unique and special.

Now I want to give back what was given to me and more. I honestly believe everyone should have a coach in their lives as it helps us see the world and our own lives in such a beautiful, unique way allowing us to become our true selves every moment. Everyone has a purpose in this world, and everyone is unique and special. I focus on allowing everyone to see themselves and the environment around them in a way that they have not seen before, or at least for a long time.

I am a qualified coach from one of the biggest coaching schools in the UK, Animas. I am excited and focused on making your dreams and goals become a reality.

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